Washburn Tennis is a no-cut program. Tryouts are held at the beginning of the season and players are placed onto one of three teams: Varsity, JV Orange, and JV Blue.


We use TeamSnap for all scheduling. Expect to have practice or matches every day of the week with the possibility of a tournament on Saturdays. Busing is provided to all away matches. It is very important you monitor TeamSnap—fall weather can change quickly and we send out schedule changes via TeamSnap only. All three team schedules are in one account, in part to reduce costs, but also, although you are placed on a team, there are opportunities for JV Blue and JV Orange players to be pulled up to tournaments or matches. We encourage teams to cheer each other on if it doesn’t interfere with their own match or practice.


Each team has several matches scheduled throughout the season. 10 players are in the starting line-up for each match (4 singles, 3 doubles), but there are usually exhibition matches as well. Coaches will tell players the line-up in advance or at the match. All players are expected to show up ready to play, unless they have spoken with the coach in advance about a conflict.

Match Snacks

Families take turns providing a light snack for players on match days (this is done by team). Please sign-up to bring snacks in TeamSnap under “Assignments” for each match—and plan to bring snacks for your team at least once during the season. Suggested snack options: bananas, apples or oranges, trail mix, Clif or other protein bars, Gatorade or chocolate milk. You don’t have to bring a meal—but something to fuel them up before their match. You’ll know the count of players for your team—and it doesn’t hurt to have enough for coaches, too. Please bring snack 30 minutes early to home matches or drop it with the bus before they depart for away matches.

Early Release

Players are not given early release for practice. Depending on match times, players are given early release to make sure they can either catch the bus for away matches or make it to a home match 30 minutes prior. The Washburn Athletic Director has a list of players for early release for each match. No note is necessary for Washburn students. We send the middle school attendance offices a list of players at the beginning of each season. Please check with your middle school as to the preferred way they would like you to handle early release for matches (note to teacher or attendance office, etc.). We recommend you alert your teacher(s) prior to missing class.


Uniforms will be distributed by coaches prior to matches.

Have a question about tryouts or the tennis program?

Girls Varsity Coach:
Linnea Benson · bensonadamlinnea@yahoo.com