Washburn Girls’ Boosters

The Girls’ Washburn Tennis Boosters are volunteers supporting the tennis program.  Girls Tennis needs volunteers to make the season’s experience that much more memorable.  We organize volunteers for events such as celebrating our seniors, organize the fundraisers like the Kowalski’s bagging event, and support coaches in making the season successful.

The team needs volunteers throughout the season for many reasons.  You can help make the season a success by doing any of the following:

  • Volunteer for a season event or fundraiser.
  • Donate to our Venmo account at the QR code below or by check to the contact listed.
  • Attend a Booster meeting.
  • Joining the Boosters!
  • By leading and organizing a new idea!

Join the Girls Tennis Boosters and support this amazing team.
Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Print and download the Booster Sheet pdf here: Booster Sheet 2022

Volunteer Sign-Up Genius

Kowalski’s LINK

Kowalski’s Bagging Fundraiser Sign-Up

Pasta LINK 

Pasta Dinner Sign-Up