Washburn Varsity Overall Results

Date Opponent Location Score
4/12/2023EdinaCreek Valley CourtsL: 0-7
4/14/2023Eden PrairieRound Lake Park
4/15/2023St. Paul HardingRoger's Tennis Center W: 5-2
4/15/2023Elk RiverRoger's Tennis Center W: 4-3
4/15/2023BuffaloRoger's Tennis Center W: 5-2
4/18/2023Mpls. SouthwestKenwood CourtsW: 4-3
4/20/2023Mpls. SouthPowderhorn ParkW: 7-0
4/22/2023Lakeville NorthBloomington Lifetime SouthW: 4-3
4/22/2023OronoBloomington Lifetime SouthW: 5-2
4/22/2023Maple GroveBaseline Tennis Center
4/25/2023Mpls. EdisonTBD
4/26/2023BenildeKenwood Courts
4/27/2023Mpls. Patrick Henry/FAIRKenwood Courts
5/1/2023St. Paul Highland ParkKenwood Courts
5/3/2023HopkinsHopkins High School
5/5/2023Mpls. RooseveltLake Hiawatha Park
5/6/2023AndoverAndover High School
5/9/2023Mpls. North High SchoolKenwood Courts
5/10/2023MahtomediWhite Bear Yacht Club
5/16/2023Team SectionsTBD

Date Opponent Location Score
3/31/2022Sioux Falls O'GormanMatch Pointe, Sioux Falls, South DakotaL: 3-6
3/31/2022Sioux Falls LincolnMatch Pointe, Sioux Falls, South DakotaL: 1-6
4/8/2022Duluth EastBloomington Lifetime South (98th Street)L: 3-4
4/9/2022EdinaCretinL: 0-7
4/9/2022CretinCretinW: 5-2
4/13/2022Mound WestonkaKenwoodW: 6-1
4/16/2022BuffaloRodgers Tennis CenterL: 3-4
4/16/2022St. Paul HardingRodgers Tennis CenterW: 4-3
4/16/2022Elk RiverRodgers Tennis CenterL: 3-4
4/19/2022Minneapolis SouthwestLinden Hills Tennis CourtsW: 5-2
4/21/2022Minneapolis SouthKenwood CourtsW: 7-0
4/23/2022Maple GroveLakeville NorthL: 1-6
4/23/2022Lakeville NorthLakeville NorthL: 3-4
4/26/2022Minneapolis EdisonKenwoodW: 7-0
4/28/2022Minneapolis Patrick Henry/FAIRWebber ParkW: 7-0
4/29/2022HopkinsKenwoodW: 7-0
5/5/2022Minneapolis RooseveltKenwoodW: 7-0
5/10/2022St. Paul Highland ParkSt. Paul Highland ParkW: 4-3
Team Sections Round of 16
KenwoodW: 7-0
5/18/2022Bloomington Jefferson
Team Sections Quarterfinals
KenwoodL: 3-4

Date Opponent Location Score
4/14/2021Elk RiverElk RiverW: 7-0
4/16/2021Pine CityPine CityW: 7-0
4/16/2021Duluth EastPine CityW: 5-2
4/17/2021CretinCretinW: 7-0
4/17/2021EdinaCretinL: 1-6
4/17/2021ShakopeeCretinW: 7-0
4/24/2021Lakeville NorthLakeville NorthW: 5-2
4/24/2021Maple GroveLakeville NorthW: 4-3
4/24/2021Rochester CenturyLakeville NorthW: 5-2
4/29/2021Southwest (Conference)KenwoodW: 7-0
4/30/2021St. Paul CentralKenwoodW: 6-1
4/30/2021EaganKenwoodW: 4-3
5/1/2021Coon RapidsCoon RapidsW: 7-0
5/1/2021Forest LakeCoon RapidsW: 7-0
5/3/2021Edison (Conference)Northeast Athletic Field ParkW: 7-0
5/4/2021BenildeKenwoodW: 6-1
5/6/2021Mound WestonkaMound WestonkaW: 6-1
5/10/2021East RidgeEast RidgeW: 6-1
5/12/2021St. Paul HardingKenwoodW: 6-1
5/13/2021Mounds ViewKenwoodL: 3-4
5/17/2021South (Conference)KenwoodW: 7-0
5/19/2021Sections Quarterfinals vs. Minneapolis SouthwestKenwoodW: 7-0
5/24/2021Sections Semifinals vs. BlakeBlakeL: 1-6
Date Opponent Location Score
3/30/2019O'GormanSioux FallsW: 5-2
3/30/2019LincolnSioux FallsL: 0-9
4/10/2019Minneapolis EdisonInner City TennisW: 6-1
4/12/2019MarquetteMilwaukeeL: 1-6
4/12/2019NicoletMilwaukeeW: 6-1
4/13/2019UniversityMilwaukeeW: 6-1
4/13/2019Brookfield EastMilwaukeeL: 3-4
4/13/2019ArrowheadMilwaukeeL: 3-4
4/16/2019Minneapolis Patrick Henry (Conference)Inner City TennisW: 7-0
4/16/2019Lakeville SouthLakeville SouthL: 3-4
4/18/2019Minneapolis South (Conference)Inner City TennisW: 7-0
4/19/2019Eden PraireKenwoodL: 3-4
4/24/2019Maple GroveMaple GroveW: 5-2
4/24/2019Lakeville NorthMaple GroveW: 5-2
4/26/2019Sioux Falls O'GormanLakeville SouthW: 6-1
4/27/2019HopkinsBloomington Lifetime SouthW: 5-2
4/27/2019Elk RiverBloomington Lifetime SouthW: 7-0
4/29/2019Minneapolis Roosevelt (Conference)Inner City TennisW: 7-0
5/1/2019Mounds ViewMounds ViewL: 2-5
5/2/2019Minneapolis Southwest (Conference)Inner City TennisW: 7-0
5/7/2019Rochester LourdesKenwoodW: 6-1
5/9/2019Rochester MayoInner City TennisW: 5-2
5/13/2019St. Paul HardingSt. Paul HardingW: 7-0
5/15/2019Minneapolis SouthKenwoodW: 7-0
5/16/2019Bloomington JeffersonKenwoodW: 5-2

Washburn Varsity Roster

Aaron Stoa
Braden Fitzgerald
Charlie Graff (C)
Charlie Mullin
Felix Vrooman-Locke
Henry Smith (C)
Ian Little
Jack Mullin
Louis Bastian
Lou Smith (C)
Max Gulliford
Noah Hill-Star
Sam Erdall
Samir Stolpman
Ben Merims Johnson12
Braden Fitzgerald11
Charlie Graff (C)11
Charlie Mullin10
Felix Vrooman9
Henry Smith11
Ian Little9
Jack Mullin10
Louis Bastian8
Lou Smith10
Nicholas Anderson (C)12
Noah Hill-Star7
Oliver Prentice12
Samir Stolpman10
Theo Grimes (C)12

Alex Graff12
Ben Merims-Johnson11
Braden Fitzgerald10
Charlie Graff10
Henry Bastian (Captain)12
Lou Smith9
Luca Cordova Stuart (Captain)12
Luke Little (Captain)12
Nicholas Anderson11
Oliver Prentice11
Owen Hemer12
Samir Stolpman9
Theo Grimes11

Augie Bent12
Ben Anderson (Captain)12
Henry Bastian11
Luca Cordova Stuart11
Lucas Henriksen12
Luke Little (Captain)11
Max Loesch12
Neal Rubin-Ottmar12
Nicholas Anderson10
Paolo Torres-Skendi11
Theo Grimes10
Vilas Stolpman (Captain)12
Willy Stout12
Aaron Walker12
Augie Bent11
Ben Anderson11
Fletcher Thomas12
Henry Bastian10
Henry Smith (Captain)12
Luca Cordova Stuart10
Lucas Henriksen11
Luke Little10
Max Loesch11
Nicholas Anderson9
Paolo Torres-Skendi10
Sam Leslie7
Theo Grimes9
Vilas Stolpman (Captain)11
Zach Leslie9



Jake Smith will be the head coach of the Varsity Boys program for the 2023 season. He was a former Washburn player under Ryan Hoag from 2012-2015. Jake went on to play college tennis at Luther College where he was an all-conference doubles recipient and helped the Norse earn a spot in the 2019 NCAA Men’s Division III National Championship bracket. He is a part-time tennis pro at Lifetime Fitness.




For up-to-date master schedule visit the team’s TeamSnap page.


For 10 Years and Counting:

Washburn Boys Tennis has been consecutive conference champions—a district wide record across all sports.

Washburn Boys Tennis has been consecutive Twin Cities champions.

Washburn Boys Tennis has been consecutive Academic All State recipients.