Washburn Varsity Overall Results

Date Opponent Location Score
4/14/2021Elk RiverElk RiverW: 7-0
4/16/2021Pine CityPine CityW: 7-0
4/16/2021Duluth EastPine CityW: 5-2
4/17/2021CretinCretinW: 7-0
4/17/2021EdinaCretinL: 1-6
4/17/2021ShakopeeCretinW: 7-0
4/24/2021Lakeville NorthLakeville NorthW: 5-2
4/24/2021Maple GroveLakeville NorthW: 4-3
4/24/2021Rochester CenturyLakeville NorthW: 5-2
4/29/2021Southwest (Conference)KenwoodW: 7-0
4/30/2021St. Paul CentralKenwoodW: 6-1
4/30/2021EaganKenwoodW: 4-3
5/1/2021Coon RapidsCoon RapidsW: 7-0
5/1/2021Forest LakeCoon RapidsW: 7-0
5/3/2021Edison (Conference)Northeast Athletic Field ParkW: 7-0
5/4/2021BenildeKenwoodW: 6-1
5/6/2021Mound WestonkaMound WestonkaW: 6-1
5/10/2021East RidgeEast RidgeW: 6-1
5/12/2021St. Paul HardingKenwoodW: 6-1
5/13/2021Mounds ViewKenwoodL: 3-4
5/17/2021South (Conference)KenwoodW: 7-0
5/19/2021Sections Quarterfinals vs. Minneapolis SouthwestKenwoodW: 7-0
5/24/2021Sections Semifinals vs. BlakeBlakeL: 1-6
Date Opponent Location Score
3/27/2020O'GormanSioux FallsCancelled
3/27/2020LincolnSioux FallsCancelled
4/2/2020Minneapolis EdisonInner City TennisCancelled
4/3/2020West De PereGreen BayCancelled
4/3/2020De PereGreen BayCancelled
4/4/2020Match 3 (TBD)Green BayCancelled
4/4/2020Match 4(TBD)Green BayCancelled
4/13/2020Duluth EastPine CityCancelled
4/13/2020Pine CityPine CityCancelled
4/14/2020Minneapolis Patrick Henry/FAIRInner City TennisCancelled
4/15/2020Eden PrairieEden Prairie High SchoolCancelled
4/23/2020Minneapolis SouthKenwoodCancelled
4/24/2020Minneapolis RooseveltLake Hiawatha ParkCancelled
4/25/2020Lakeville North TournamentLakeville NorthCancelled
4/30/2020SouthwestInner City TennisCancelled
5/2/2020Edina TournamentEdina (TBD)Cancelled

2019 Record: 18-7

Date Opponent Location Score
3/30/2019O'GormanSioux FallsW: 5-2
3/30/2019LincolnSioux FallsL: 0-9
4/10/2019Minneapolis EdisonInner City TennisW: 6-1
4/12/2019MarquetteMilwaukeeL: 1-6
4/12/2019NicoletMilwaukeeW: 6-1
4/13/2019UniversityMilwaukeeW: 6-1
4/13/2019Brookfield EastMilwaukeeL: 3-4
4/13/2019ArrowheadMilwaukeeL: 3-4
4/16/2019Minneapolis Patrick Henry (Conference)Inner City TennisW: 7-0
4/16/2019Lakeville SouthLakeville SouthL: 3-4
4/18/2019Minneapolis South (Conference)Inner City TennisW: 7-0
4/19/2019Eden PraireKenwoodL: 3-4
4/24/2019Maple GroveMaple GroveW: 5-2
4/24/2019Lakeville NorthMaple GroveW: 5-2
4/26/2019Sioux Falls O'GormanLakeville SouthW: 6-1
4/27/2019HopkinsBloomington Lifetime SouthW: 5-2
4/27/2019Elk RiverBloomington Lifetime SouthW: 7-0
4/29/2019Minneapolis Roosevelt (Conference)Inner City TennisW: 7-0
5/1/2019Mounds ViewMounds ViewL: 2-5
5/2/2019Minneapolis Southwest (Conference)Inner City TennisW: 7-0
5/7/2019Rochester LourdesKenwoodW: 6-1
5/9/2019Rochester MayoInner City TennisW: 5-2
5/13/2019St. Paul HardingSt. Paul HardingW: 7-0
5/15/2019Minneapolis SouthKenwoodW: 7-0
5/16/2019Bloomington JeffersonKenwoodW: 5-2

4/06/2018Maple Grove4:00 PMMaple Grove H.S.W: 7-0
4/07/2017Elk River12:30 PMDaytona Golf ClubW: 6-1
4/14/2018Various9:00 AMMarquette H.S., Millwaukee, WITournament
4/16/2018Blake4:00 PMDred Scott ParkPostponed
4/21/2018Lakeville South9:00 AMLakeville South H.S.Doubles TournamentCancelled
4/26/2018Minnetonka4:00 PMMinnetonka H.S.
4/28/2018Rochester Century9:00 AMRochester Century H.S.
4/30/2018Bloomington Jefferson3:30 PMLakeville South H.S.
5/4/2018Southwest3:00 PMReed SweatW: 6-1
5/7/2018Rochester Lourdes2:00 PMRochester Loudes H.S.Cancelled
5/8/2018Hopkins4:00 PMHopkins H.S.
5/9/2018Cretin4:00 PMDred Scott Park
3/31/2017Sioux Falls O'Gorman & LincolnO'Gorman: L:4-5
Lincoln: L:2-5
4/10/2017EastviewL: 3-4
4/11/2017St. Cloud TechW: 6-1
4/13/2017RooseveltW: 6-0
4/13/2017Elk RiverW: 5-2
4/14/2017BlakeL: 0-7
4/18/2017Lakeville SouthL: 3-4
4/20/2017SouthwestW: 7-0
4/22/2017Lakeville SouthTeam Overall: 3rd Place
4/27/2017EdisonW: 6-1
4/28/2017Duluth EastW: 6-1
4/29/2017St. Paul Harding
5/2/2017SouthW: 7-0
5/2/2017Rochester CenturyL: 3-4
5/8/2017Patrick HenryW: 7-0
5/8/2017BreckL: 3-4
5/9/2017St. Paul HardingW: 6-1
5/11/2017Rochester MayoL: 3-4
5/12/2017BurnsvilleW: 5-2
5/15/2017HopkinsW: 6-1

Washburn Varsity Roster

Alex Graff12
Ben Merims-Johnson11
Braden Fitzgerald10
Charlie Graff10
Henry Bastian (Captain)12
Lou Smith9
Luca Cordova Stuart (Captain)12
Luke Little (Captain)12
Nicholas Anderson11
Oliver Prentice11
Owen Hemer12
Samir Stolpman9
Theo Grimes11

Augie Bent12
Ben Anderson (Captain)12
Henry Bastian11
Luca Cordova Stuart11
Lucas Henriksen12
Luke Little (Captain)11
Max Loesch12
Neal Rubin-Ottmar12
Nicholas Anderson10
Paolo Torres-Skendi11
Theo Grimes10
Vilas Stolpman (Captain)12
Willy Stout12
Aaron Walker12
Augie Bent11
Ben Anderson11
Fletcher Thomas12
Henry Bastian10
Henry Smith (Captain)12
Luca Cordova Stuart10
Lucas Henriksen11
Luke Little10
Max Loesch11
Nicholas Anderson9
Paolo Torres-Skendi10
Sam Leslie7
Theo Grimes9
Vilas Stolpman (Captain)11
Zach Leslie9


Ryan Hoag has been the Head Coach of our Boys Tennis program for 12 years and has led the Miller Boys to 9 consecutive City Conference Championships and Twin City Championships. He was named the Boys Tennis 6AA Section Coach of the Year in 2019.

Ryan graduated from Washburn in 1998, where he played 4 sports, including tennis for 6 years (as a middle schooler and in high school). He was a tennis captain for 2 of those years and twice named All Conference. Ryan went on to play club tennis at Wake Forest University as well as one year on the Gustavus Adolphus tennis team. He graduated from Gustavus with an elementary education degree. He is currently the head tennis professional at Lafayette Country Club and teaching artist for Upstream Arts.



For up-to-date master schedule visit the team’s TeamSnap page.


For 9 Years and Counting:

Washburn Boys Tennis has been consecutive conference champions—a district wide record across all sports.

Washburn Boys Tennis has been consecutive Twin Cities champions.

Washburn Boys Tennis has been consecutive Academic All State recipients.