Kowalski’s Recap & 2019 Season Info

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It was a great day to be a Miller today! Thanks to all that stepped up and donated their time to make this event great! I was so impressed with the 12-2 group and I’m hearing wonderful things about the others. I’m proud to announce that we raised $1843.30 in just six hours. That’s unbelievable considering it was only tips that made up that amount.
A HUGE thanks to Ann Prentice for getting this set up and also to the parent and player volunteers that showed up and participated.

How crazy to think that tennis season starts next month!

A few important notes:

Thanks to Jennifer Bastian et al leading the charge, we will have the Kenwood courts this spring! Varsity will be practicing and playing there. Thank you Jennifer for leading the fight and speaking on behalf of the team. We are grateful!

Jv Orange (top jv team) will be coached by Varo again this season and will practice at Lynnhurst from ~345-515

Jv Blue will be coached by Tim Burke once
again and will have practice from ~445-615 at lynnhurst.

If you attend Justice Page middle school (or any other school that gets out after 3pm) plan on being on the JV Blue team (exceptions are if you were on jv orange last year, amount of players at tryouts and/ or varsity candidates). This is a change I’m implementing this year so kids do not miss so much class. If you have a question, please let me know.

Please be mindful that we leave school early for both conference and away matches. Plan accordingly with your sixth hour teacher (better yet, make sure to have an elective that hour).

Ping pong tournament is set for March 24th and the tennis season starts the following day. What a great way to take us into the tennis season with some great competition. Henry Smith is the defending champion. I hear he has a nasty hangnail that’s preventing him from practicing much—he is ripe for an upset! More details forthcoming soon.

We will dress up for matches this year: shirts and ties. No tie, no match.

If you’re planning on taking the ACT on April 13th please let me know. We will be playing a tournament that day.

If you have afternoon IB or AP exams, please let me know.

For those not going on the spring break trip there will be a home match over spring break. Please let me know ASAP if you have out of town travel plans and then again during tryouts.

We use team snap—make sure you do too.
We have a Facebook page—add us as a friend @ Washburn men’s tennis

Only 8 weeks until our first match!
I love this team.
Thanks all

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